Home made flour tortillas

IMG_1216Someone (Hi Maria!) just reminded me that I have this blog. How silly of me to forget! I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen lately. I made these delicious cookies last night, this amazing egg white salad a few days ago, and today I decided to try these flour tortillas.

I love tortillas. I love doing all kinds of things with them. Hummus and veggies, cream cheese and salsa, cottage cheese with whole grain mustard and cucumber. Whole grain mustard is my new favourite thing, just for the record. I even made tortilla wraps with the egg white salad, lettuce, cucumber and cumin chicken thighs the other day. Heavenly!

Tortillas from the shop aren’t cheap though, much to my frustration. So when I ran into this recipe for home made ones I decided to give it a try, and I do not regret it!

They are very simple to make and the ingredients list is short. I made them with olive oil instead of vegetable oil because that was all I had, but I don’t think it makes a difference. They only take a few seconds to bake on a hot pan, and at first I was a bit worried that they would be too crispy to roll, but it turns out that they are only hard at first and then they soften up when they cool.


This one had a massive bubble. I thought it was funny. 😛

I probably could’ve made them thinner, but I don’t really care, I like they way they turned out. Making them perfectly round was also an option, but that would take much more time and effort, and it’s not a necessity.

Basically, they are just as good as store bought (if not better), you know exactly what’s in them and you get much more for your money. Not to mention the satisfaction of eating things you’ve made yourself! This recipe makes 16 small ones, but you can make them as large as you like. I’m going to toss a few in the freezer so I can use them later.

Click here for the recipe.


About Halldora

I am a Geographer who has specialised in Public Health and International Development. I am passionate about human rights, LGBTQ issues, critical thinking, and the environment. I am also a very silly thing who likes cats, books, singing, baking/cooking and sleeping.
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2 Responses to Home made flour tortillas

  1. Jennifer says:

    So glad you tried (and liked!) the egg white salad — a staple in our house for sure. Now to try your tortillas…they look delish!

    • Halldora says:

      It’s really, really good. I’m trying out the 5/2 and the salad was just perfect for that, so thanks for sharing it! It’s lovely in the tortillas, you should try it. 😀

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