Apple parsnip soup and carrot burgers


I’ve never been much of a soup person. They rarely make me feel full enough, probably because they usually don’t require chewing. I’m not sure what it is, but if the food I’m eating is entirely liquid (soups, smoothies, etc) I don’t feel like I’ve really eaten. I can often fix this by having some bread with it, but I just rarely feel an urge to make soup myself. I do quite like the kind of soups that are almost like a stew (doesn’t Rachel Ray call them stewps or something like that?), or vegetable soups with pasta and other chewy bits.

However, my favourite kind of soups are the ones where you cook vegetables and then blend them into a thick soup. I’ve had a few of these in the past, I remember one being mainly carrots, one sweet potato (I think) and one had leeks. They were all delicious! SO when I saw this recipe for apple and parsnip soup I just knew I had to make it.

I love food that is mainly savoury but with a hint of something sweet. Unlike many people I do like cooked fruit, like pineapple on pizza. I discovered parsnips when I stayed with my sister in Denmark a few years ago, over there they call them “pastinak”. My sister often roasted them with carrots, sweet potatoes, and jerusalem artichokes (hilariously referred to as jordskokker in Danish). I loved the surprising sweetness of the parsnips and was sad when I couldn’t find them here in Iceland.

I have since discovered that for the longest time parsnips were mistakenly labeled as parsley root, which is different, even though they look pretty similar. I was super happy to find them in England though, and I ate quite a bit of them there.

So today I went to the supermarket to pick up a few things and parsnips were on the list. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them in Bónus and was forced to buy them from (considerably more expensive) Hagkaup. The price was rather cringe-worthy, but I was determined to make this soup, so I bought them anyway.

Making this soup takes a bit of work, since the vegetables and the apples have to be roasted, and then boiled before blending. I didn’t have a blender, but I have a hand blender which worked well enough.

It turned out quite sweet, as was to be expected, and so incredibly delicious. I will definitely be making this one again.


While I roasted the veggies for the soup I decided to make these chickpea carrot burgers. I wanted to put them in the freezer so I could grab them for lunch packs. This would’ve been easier with a food processor, but the hand blender comes with a processor bowl, so I was able to work through all the ingredients in stages.


The burgers turned out quite good. They’re not too flavourful on their own, though that might be my fault, next time I’ll play with the spices some more. But with some kind of dressing and fresh salad I’m sure they’re delicious.



About Halldora

I am a Geographer who has specialised in Public Health and International Development. I am passionate about human rights, LGBTQ issues, critical thinking, and the environment. I am also a very silly thing who likes cats, books, singing, baking/cooking and sleeping.
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2 Responses to Apple parsnip soup and carrot burgers

  1. Vinny Grette says:

    I prefer to leave the chunks in my soup. Healthy rich broth as a carrier for veggies, protein and whatever – yum! I too like to have a little something sweet in my soup. Apples sounds liuke agreat idea – thanks!

    • Halldora says:

      Yeah, I like soups that are “chunky” with lots of stuff to chew on. 🙂 I didn’t have a blender so I this one didn’t end up perfectly blended and had some smaller chunks. That worked out just fine. 🙂

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