Birthday parties, kittens and Pasta Primavera

I slept late this morning. Actually, morning isn’t quite the right word. I didn’t wake up until 1pm. Usually when I sleep that long (yes, I’ve been known to stay in bed waaaaaay too long), I’ve woken up briefly a few times throughout the morning, but stubbornly decided to stay with my dreams a bit longer. This time I was pretty much dead to the world until 1pm. The walk home with the groceries yesterday must’ve worn me out more than I thought.

My plan was to make this Pasta Primavera recipe for lunch (and eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow), and then have skyr for dinner. Instead I went to my cousin’s 3-year-old son’s birthday party. There was lovely company and yummy food to be had, chocolate sheet cake for the kids, delicious meringue cakes, cheese and crackers, carrot cake, and this hot asparagus/mushroom/cheese bread roll thing1.


Much to my joy there was also this adorable little kitten called Mia. She spent ages in my lap chewing on my hands and all I could do was smile and indulge her.


Despite all the eating I’d already done, I still wanted to make the Pasta Primavera, so I got to work as soon as I returned home.

It turned out quite good. It wasn’t quite as delicious as I had hoped, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be because of the recipe. It’s sometimes hard for me to follow recipes that require piles of vegetables. The recipe can say something like “medium sized zucchini”, but while the zucchini I pick out is “medium” sized to me, it’s huge compared with what the writer of the recipe had in mind.


So I ended up with this massive pile of Pasta Primavera, and I’m not sure I’ll manage to eat it all before it goes bad. I quite enjoyed making it though. There’s something so very satisfying about cutting vegetables. So if I ever end up making it again, I’ll make sure to make a bit less of it, and add more spices.


The Skyr can wait until tomorrow night; it’s a lovely replacement for the frozen pizza I had previously decided on having for Sunday dinner.

1 In the Scandinavian countries there’s almost always a kind of bread cake thing at every party. They can be hot or cold. The cold ones are often like sandwich “cakes” with tuna salad or shrimp salad, decorated with fancy cut veggies. Hot ones often come in a kind of bread roll, or as casseroles of sorts. It’s usually ham, asparagus and eggs with mayonnaise and/or sour cream, and then topped with cheese. There are all kinds of these.


About Halldora

I am a Geographer who has specialised in Public Health and International Development. I am passionate about human rights, LGBTQ issues, critical thinking, and the environment. I am also a very silly thing who likes cats, books, singing, baking/cooking and sleeping.
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