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Food plan for May

Since May is just around the corner I decided to get to work putting together a food plan for the coming month. My aim is to eat healthier food by cooking from scratch as much as I can and focusing … Continue reading

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One day…

I’ve spent most of my life being a student. A broke student. Even though I know I’m supposed to live for today and focus on the now, I still have a long list of things I will do or experience one day. When … Continue reading

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Food is complicated

Why is eating so complicated? It’s supposed to be satisfying and enjoyable, and while it usually is just that, it also has a tendency to come with guilt and shame and even a little bit of fear. Just now I … Continue reading

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I am the silliest person ever

So last night I created this blog. Awesome right? Very productive and inspired and cool. Meanwhile the kitchen looks like this: So yes, I made a food blog…while procrastinating on cleaning the kitchen. You know, that room where most of … Continue reading

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Recipes I’ve favourited on foodgawker lately

I spend quite a bit of time browsing various websites for recipes, some of my favourites are foodgawker, Pinterest, and – believe it or not – the ‘recipes’ and ‘food’ tags on Tumblr (and no, you’re not getting my Tumblr account … Continue reading

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Kitchen appliances and tools I want and/or need

Late 2010 I moved to England. At the time I had no intention of returning (naive?) and I didn’t have a way to store most of my things. At that point I had quite a bit of kitchen tools and … Continue reading

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First post

I enjoy food. I enjoy eating it and I enjoy talking about it and I enjoy cooking/baking it. I decided that I wanted to make something more of my kitchen experiments, so here’s my food blog. I don’t expect much … Continue reading

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